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Designers' Picks-September

Our Designers' Picks: September


Gray Etched Glass Lamp

Gray Etched Glass Lamp

Adrienne: This petite lamp would be great on a small or lightweight nightstand. It has simple lines and a neutral color that could be at home in a classic or contemporary setting.



Blanket in a Box Dolce
Blanket-in-a-Box: Dolce

Julie:  A baby can’t have enough soft, cozy blankets, and this is way up there on the soft and cozy scale!



Michael Aram Frames

Jennifer: With the different designs you can easily find one to go with any interior. As a gift it’s not just another frame because they are all so unique. They are really works of art.


Mirror Framed Elizabeth Ockford- Print 5

Rebecca: This simple ink and watercolor drawing is understated elegance at its finest.



Alhambra Knit Square Pillow

Evaline:   It's a simple, neutral-colored knit pillow, but the texture is what makes it "pop".




Aluminum Bark Platter

Cate: This is a perfect piece for using as an elegant accessory or a beautiful piece for serving.


Silver Louis Philippe Mirror
Jena: I love these mirrors hung in a makes such as statement.