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Antica Farmacista Body Moisturizer


The fragranced body moisturizer is the newest way to wear the signature scents of Antica's brand. It includes natural moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, silk amino acids and proteins, and honey for superior hydration. 

  • Acqua: Reminiscent of a delicate sea breeze, Acqua is a light sophisticated fragrance. 
  • Grapefruit: Antica's grapefruit essence results in a clean, fresh, invigorating fragrance prized by citrus aficionados. Loved by both men and women. Perfect fragrance to use in your kitchen.
  • Green Fig: This scent begins with fresh green notes of cut grass, luscious notes of fruit and violet, then softly envelopes you in the sweetness of wild fig. This type of fragrance is perfect for small and enclosed spaces like powder rooms.
  • Magnolia, Orchid, Mimosa: A spirited feminine scent that blends the fragrance of the majestic white Magnolia flower with the aromatic Orchid. 
  • Orange Blossom: A bright, captivating fragrance of orange blossom, lilac and jasmine nicely mingle with citrus notes of mandarin and lemon. Use in your entryway to first entice guests or your lived-in spaces like your living room or family room.
  • Prosecco: Apricot and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. A crisp scent celebrating the effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne. Recommended for an office or living room.