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The mission of LINARI is to combine high-quality room fragrances with timeless modern designs. LINARI uses only high quality materials including exquisite Italian glass and lids carved out of solid refined maple wood, African wenge wood and zebrano wood. The evaporating sticks are made of high quality tropical plants and therefore are able to achieve an optimal capillary effect. The fragrance emits very slowly and, therefore, lasts a long time. 
  • Menta: Nativeness and Recreation. A wave of fascinating freshness of aromatic mint, rounded off with white-floral accents and rosewood. 
  • Senso: Radiation and Seduction. Opulent, Mediterranean citrus notes with radiant floral accents and a woody base note. 
  • Onice: Indulgence and Sophistication. An expressive interaction of lavender and fresh bergamot, accompanied by musk and tonka. 
  • Puro: Intimacy and Inspiration. A sensual and modern creation of finest vanilla, bound by fruity tangerine, fig and patchouli. 
  • Amarena: Affection and Transiency delicate cherry blossoms with aspects of fruity accents, bound by a vernal white-floral bouquet and rounded off by musky-woody elements.